UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: Interesting Facts you need to know




Regardless of how you feel about the prospect of a European super league, the UEFA Champions League continues to captivate European football fans.

Why has Champions league always created a buzz?

In our recent white paper, The Many Faces of European Sports Fans, we revealed that the property is the most popular in Europe. Seven of the top eight most-watched leagues and events include the Champions League (see tables below). Only three of the eight top-fives were occupied by the Tour de France, the League’s closest rival.


We wanted to find out which of these countries is most excited about the Champions League, which kicked off this month. The results of our investigation are shown in the following graph.

The important facts which you have got to know about UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE

  • The league has the highest Buzz (a net score established by thetotal asking people whether they have heard anything positive or negative about the league in the recent two weeks) right now in Spain, which is also the country where, according to our analysis, the property is most popular. Next up are Italy and France, despite the fact that Molde, Norway’s team, did not get past the group stage.
  • After that, there’s a larger drop-off in Buzz scores to Germany, where the League scores about the same as it does in Sweden and Denmark. Finally, in the United Kingdom, just about one-fifth of what the Champions League generates in Spain can be found.


  • If there was any correlation between these scores and the popularity of the top division men’s football in each country, we wanted to know about it. Did the domestic league in a country where the UCL performed poorly likewise perform poorly or well? The results are shown in the graph above.


  • When the UCL Buzz score is high, that country’s domestic top division also tends to be highly rated, suggesting that the UCL and domestic leagues are linked. The exceptions to this rule include Norway and France, who have a lower level of interest in their domestic leagues.


  • Only in France is it possible for the Champions League and Ligue 1 to score nearly the same – the only country in the world where this is possible. It is expected that domestic competitions outperform Champions Leagues in terms of Buzz in every other country, considering that local leagues have been running for a long period while the Champions League has recently started.


  • During the group stages, we expect these discrepancies in Buzz scores to diminish, and in some cases even surpass domestic leagues. With such a healthy property, it’s surprising that its future is so uncertain. In 1955, the UEFA Champions League was first established, although the present model has been in place since 1992. European Champion Clubs Cup was the name it was originally known by.
  • Spain’s football clubs have won 14 European Cups, the most of any country in Europe. Italy and England are tied for second place with a total of 12 Champions League victories each. The Germans have won seven of their eight matches. Six wins for the Netherlands and four wins for Portugal. At least one victory each for France, Scotland, Romania, and Yugoslavia.
  • Only Benfica from Portugal and Juventus from Italy have lost more Champions League finals than they have won, with both teams having appeared in 22 finals. In the Champions League finals, the two teams won two and lost five times.
  • In the Champions League’s history, Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid have each scored 77 goals. He can add to his tally in Berlin, where Barcelona is expected to face Juventus in the final.
  • The UEFA Champions League anthem was written by Tony Britten in 1992 when the competition was renamed. It is based on the novel Zadok the Priest by George Frideric.
  • Swansea’s Baf√©timbiGomis scored a hat trick in the Champions League in 2011 in the shortest time ever, taking just 8 minutes. Striker from France helped Lyon advance to the quarterfinals.
  • With five hat tricks in the Champions League, Lionel Messi holds the record for most hat tricks. For the first time in Champions League history, Shakhtar Donetsk’s Luiz Adriano scored a hat trick in back-to-back games.


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