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It was named “rugby” in honor of Rugby School, so rugby is called that. At school, William Webb Ellis had caught the ball and run for a goal in 1823.

Fact 1

If you win the Rugby Union World Cup every four years, you get the Webb Ellis Cup, which is named after Webb Ellis, even though there is a lot of debate about whether this happened. There were no rules for school football back then, and each school’s team had its own set of rules. After a few inter-school football games, Association Football and Rugby Football came to be known as the most popular types of football. The rules of the game were also worked out.

Fact 2

As a part of this sport, oval-shaped balls are used. It wasn’t always this way. The balls looked like plums because they were made from pig bladders. Because rubber tubes were used instead of pig bladders, they became more round in the late 1800s. However, Rugby School asked that their balls stay a little egg-shaped to tell them from football balls. They had flattened out over time until they are now the shape they were first made. Because they’re easier to catch, hold, and run with, oval balls are better for rugby than spherical balls. They roll less and don’t go out of play as often, making them better for the game.

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Fact 3

At some point in the 19th century, the wife of a man who made balls for Rugby School died because she breathed in the air from too many sick pig bladders.

Fact 4 :

This sport has been a medal winner in four of the first seven modern Summer Olympics. It takes a team of 15 people to play Rugby Union. In the 1900 Paris Olympics, where France won gold, rugby 15s made its college debut. In 1908, it was at the London Olympics. It was also at the Antwerp Olympics in 1920 and the Paris Olympics in 1924.


After the 1924 Summer Olympics, rugby union was taken out of the Olympic games as soon as possible. Olympic officials have tried to bring the sport back a lot since then. In Copenhagen, the International Olympic Committee agreed to include a 7s version of the game at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2016. The Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2014 was the first time the event was on an Olympic schedule.


Since 2012, the United States men’s rugby team has won the gold medal in the Rugby Olympic games. In the Olympic Games, rugby has been played four times, but it has only been played once.

Fact 5

The National Anthem was played before a sporting event was during a rugby match. When New Zealanders do a traditional war dance before a rugby match, some people think it scares their opponents. It was on November 16th, 1905, at Cardiff Arms Park. They played the home team, Wales. ‘Hen WladFyNhadau’ was sung by Wales in response to New Zealand’s performance of the Haka before the match. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with chickens, though. After hearing that, the audience jumped right on it. Before significant sporting events, people used to sing the national anthems of the countries taking part in the event.


The Haka has become more well-known worldwide because it is performed before international sporting events like the Olympics. During the New Zealand Native football team’s 1888–89 tour of New Zealand, the “All Blacks” kept this tradition going. Since 1905, this has been done by the New Zealand rugby union team (the “All Blacks”).

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