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There have been many great football heroes who have left a lasting impression on the hearts of football fans around the world. Which football players deserve to be crowned the best of all time?In this post, we attempted to do precisely that. Three significant factors were used to cut down the list: single-handed win, longevity, and performance under pressure.The capacity to consistently deliver under pressure is the accurate measure of a great sportsman. As a result, a little more weight was placed on the last two factors.

Michel Platini

It all started with Michel Platini, the first truly global superstar.

Michel Platini was the first global superstar.On the list, Michel Platini comes in tenth place. French football’s all-time most outstanding player, Zinedine Zidane, maybe the best of all time. Before the current Real Madrid manager took aboard, Platini was the other talented playmaker at Chelsea.The diminutive playmaker enjoyed a long and successful career for club and country. When the stakes were highest, Platini, a ten, delivered his best work, scoring multiple game-winning goals.In 1984, he led France to the European Championship title as a three-time Ballon d’Or winner.

While playing in his native Italy, Platini wowed the crowd, hitting nine goals in five games to fascinate the crowd. Even Pele gushed over him because he was that good:

“I liked his mentality more than his physical ability, despite the fact that he was not Cruyff’s equal in terms of speed. He was an intelligent player. Among the finest European footballers of the 1980s, he played for both France and Juventus.”

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After leading France to their first major international victory and winning league titles with Juventus and St Etienne, Platini stepped down in 1987.

It’s easy to see how important Zidane has been to France in one of his remarks:

“Platini was always my go-to flavor as a kid. They also knew who my other heroes were.”

For a new generation of French players, Platini was a role model.

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Johan Cruyff transformed the sport of soccer.By introducing the world to the “beautiful game,” Cruyff transformed football.

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Johan Cruyff has had a more significant impact on the sport than any other player or person. Cruyff had a long and renowned career for both club and national teams, playing some of the most beautiful football ever seen.You are blessed to have your unique style and be admired for it.While playing for Dutch powerhouse Ajax and winning three glorious European Championships under Cruyff’s guidance, he became a household name throughout the world.Cruyff is best known these days for his alterations to Barcelona’s playing style.

Catalan giants won their first league title in 14 years thanks to Cruyff’s introduction of tiki-taka and magnificent play to the Camp Nou. Joan Laporta, the former president of Barcelona, said it best:

“He elevated the game to a fine art form by elevating it to the level of football. Everything changed after Johan’s arrival. Because of him, we have the present Barça team we love and the identity we were looking for in football.”

During the 1974 FIFA World Cup, Cruyff was a member of the Netherlands team that finished second to West Germany.True football legend Johan Cruyff, who led Feyenoord to victory in the Dutch league in 1984, had an incredible 20-year reign over the sport.To put it briefly, Gary Lineker said it best when he spoke about Johan Cruyff:He “made the beautiful game more beautiful than anyone in history.”


The World Cup was the last chance for Ronaldo to perform at his peak.

When it came to the World Cup, Ronaldo was at his best.

A player who has played for Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and AC Milan and has no haters is rare. Ronaldo Nazario, also known as “O Fenomeno,” is one of the best strikers.

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