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Predict the white players in the North. If you don’t know about the North’s methods of predicting white players with the highest accuracy, please read the article below. New888.

I. What is Northern Bach Thu Soi?

Northern lottery prediction is a term commonly used in the community of lottery players and bettors. It refers to the fact that players only play 1 lottery number or Northern lottery number in a day and finish quickly to know the results. Playing only one number without hitting the base by hitting the ball, flipping heads, tails… has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that players can concentrate their capital to raise their numbers, without being distracted by too much information, leading to ineffective betting.

The downside is that the way to play white is very risky, if you win or lose, you will end up with nothing. Therefore, players need to understand the latest Northern Lottery prediction methods New88. These new methods are used by lottery experts New88 statistics, research and publication. It guarantees you a much higher winning rate in the Northern lottery than the old methods.

II. Latest method of predicting Northern players

Please keep in mind the following methods for predicting Bach Thu to increase your odds of winning:

The Northern white hand is rectangular in shape with no corners

This is the newest method of predicting Northern players but still gives extremely high accuracy. Please follow the results of the previous day’s prizes (only prizes with 4 digits or more are counted). If discovered, they are arranged into a rectangle with 1 corner different from the other 3 corners.

For example: X….Y


Then play XY or play YX again in the next 1-2 sessions. Note: If one of the two numbers XY and YX has been won on the latest Northern Lottery prediction day, discard it and use all the remaining numbers. You can farm this pair for up to 3 days.

Note: If (X-1)/X the numbers of the solutions form a rectangle with missing corners, you can still apply this method but the accuracy rate is a little less.

For example, two solutions are:


51239, we can also raise 50.

See: Thể Thao New88

Pascale’s spherical Northern white hand

The second newest Northern Lottery prediction method that we would like to introduce to you is the Pascale prediction method. This method’s operating principle and calculation are a bit complicated, but its effectiveness is very high. Please follow and match the special prize as well as the first prize of today’s Northern lottery.

Next, add the two digits next to each other from right to left to create 1 (only take the units digit). Just add continuously until there are only the last 2 digits left, then bet on that number. Just like mixing in a rectangular shape with no corners, you can grow it for up to 3 days.

The Northern white-head is shaped like a canarium

This is not the newest Northern Lottery prediction method, but it has a very high winning rate this month. Therefore, northern lottery and lottery experts have begun to apply this method more. This method applies most accurately to the 3-4-5 prizes of the day.

Keep track of the results of 3 consecutive prizes (one set of three at a time) to see if any pair of numbers can be arranged to form a diamond. If there is an XY pair arranged in a diamond shape, raise the XY pair for 5 days. To be more sure, you can also raise YX pairs in parallel to avoid confusion.

Above is an article instructing the latest methods of predicting Northern Bach players shared from the bookmaker  New88. 

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