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Bookmakers have already decided on the teams that will be favorites at the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. These will traditionally be the national teams of Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, France, England, Belgium. However, this is all clear to every fan or person who is more or less versed in football. But it’s much more interesting to predict the success of the national team, on which no one bets before the start of the World Cup, and with every match it makes millions of fans talk about itself.

Among the dark horses of the 2022 World Cup, which can “shoot”, the Danish national team can certainly be attributed. If you are planning to bet on Denmark or other teams at the World Cup 2022, we advise you to use the skacat app and play at the best odds. So, today we will talk about the Danish national team and its prospects for the upcoming World Cup.

Brief information about the Danish national team

Denmark has been surprising lately. Her game has become unpredictable – she fights with any teams, regardless of strength and status! After an excellent performance at Euro 2020, it’s time to compete in Group D at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where many experts give her the status of one of the most obvious dark horses.

  • For the sixth time in history, the Danish national team will take part in the group stage of the World Cup. So far, her best result at an international tournament has been reaching the quarterfinals.
  • Denmark advanced to Group D to face France, Tunisia and Australia. According to experts and bookmakers, the Danes have a good chance to take second place in the table and reach the playoffs.

Denmark’s path to the 2022 World Cup

In the qualification round for reaching the World Cup, Denmark was in a group with Scotland, Israel, Austria, the Faroe Islands and Moldova. Let’s start with the fact that the Danes, led by Kasper Hulmand, show very good football. The coach has proven that he can improve his players and “squeeze” the maximum out of them.

After a very successful performance at Euro 2020, they secured their entry to the World Cup in Qatar in no less beautiful style. In the qualifying round, the Danish national team won 8 matches out of 8 possible, while the difference between goals scored and conceded was 27:0. The statistics of matches and goals of the Danes reflects the fantastic form of the team.

After qualifying for the Qatari World Cup, the team also took part in the League of Nations, where they were in the same group with France, Croatia and Austria. No matter how surprising it may sound, but in this group the French finished only third, they lost twice to the Danes. The first place in the group was taken by the Croatian team, which can also be considered one of the main dark horses of the World Cup.

Group D at the 2022 World Cup

We will tell you who will play against Denmark at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. At the group stage of the World Cup this year, the Danish team will compete in Group D. The Danes will compete against France, Tunisia and Australia.

A similar squad – Denmark, France and Australia – also gathered in the group stage during Euro 2018 in Russia. According to bookmakers, European teams are the clear favorites of this group. The French are likely to be in first place in the table and the Danes in second.

However, due to the excellent form of the Danish national team, there are many experts who give Kasper Hjulmand’s team the first place.


The Danish squad, led by a talented coach, is doing an excellent job. There are a lot of young talents in the team, which we noticed at UEFA EURO 2020. Almost all football players play in the top European championships. However, the biggest bet is that this team has great chemistry between players who can work wonders against even the best teams in the world.

Let’s assume that the Danish team is very likely to make it to the playoffs, maybe even from the first place.


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