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To watch Bigg Boss online is now easier than ever. With the latest season of the popular reality TV show, you can watch full episodes, exclusive clips, and more. To watch the entire season, just visit one of the many websites that offer Bigg Boss online. If you’re a fan of the show, you can even subscribe to a service that offers exclusive content. You can also use our website to watch Bigg Boss online.

Bigg Boss season thirteen will air on Colors TV on the 6th of February 2020. Currently, you can watch the show on the same day through Voot app. You can also watch the same-day episodes through Jio TV or the airtel xtream web/app. You can also stream the last seven days of Bigg Boss episodes using the Jio TV app. You can also watch Bigg Boss online on Voot, which is an aggregator of content.

On Day 87 of Bigg Boss season, the captains of each house were announced. Asim was the captain of the house and thus exempted from nominations. Devoleena and Himanshi J were nominated for punishment but fortunately, they were saved by the Majority. In the episode, Sidharth S was nominated for two weeks due to physical violence.

To watch Bigg Boss online, all you need is a web browser. The program is broadcast in various languages. This means that you can watch Bigg Boss season 13 online and watch it when it’s convenient for you. You can also download and watch it on the go. You’ll never miss a single episode of the show again. It’s available for download in a variety of formats and languages.

The show’s theme for this season is “Nominations Carry Over” – you know, the kind of game that requires you to think ahead to avoid being nominated. During the infamous task, Salman will have two contestants each in a phone booth. They will each have fifteen minutes to talk to their fellow inmates, and whoever puts their phone down first is nominated. If neither person puts down their phone before the time is up, they are both nominated.

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