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8Xbet is known as one of the emerging bookmakers recently. However, this bookie also attracts the attention of many betting players. The question is, is this bookie really reputable to participate in betting? Let’s review and evaluate all the information related to this house.

A few things to learn about the 8Xbet house system

8Xbet is known as one of the most reputable bookmakers in the market, based in the Philippines. The bookie has a legal business license and is strictly tested for every game released. Despite its short life, the house is still highly appreciated by experts because of its outstanding quality.

Review and overview of the 8Xbet bookmaker system

8Xbet is considered to be one of the most prominent bookmakers in many aspects. Below are the review information about the bookie through different aspects for users to have an overview.

Design the theme

The interface design is extremely modern with the dominant white color. All categories are arranged very scientifically displayed prominently on a white background. The website interface of the bookie is synchronized and compatible on all device platforms that users use to access.

Flexible payment

8Xbet is also one of the bookies with extremely fast deposit and withdrawal methods. Users participating in betting do not need to spend too much time and effort in withdrawing money. Withdrawal methods are extremely diverse such as through banks, e-wallets, scanning QR codes or using virtual money.

The form of withdrawing money through banks is associated with many big banks in Vietnam market. Users can easily withdraw money to bank accounts such as Techcombank, Vietcombank, ACB…

Customer care

The bookie system has built an extremely professional and thoughtful customer care department. Staff is available 24/7 even on weekends and holidays to support players. Customer care methods are extremely diverse and rich with many different channels. Users who have difficulty participating in betting should actively contact customer service for quick support.


8Xbet is considered as one of the bookie systems that can play with many preferential promotions. The house’s promotions are updated regularly according to extremely attractive events.

New member welcome program gives 100% of the value of the top-up card.

The insurance program pays off up to 100%.

Promotions for members at game halls with rates from 0.5% to 1.5%.

Users who download the application on the phone system immediately receive 100k.

Game Store

8Xbet is full and diverse with many different game lines for users to choose from. Betting products at the bookie’s system are extremely complete for players to choose from.

Sports betting is a large product invested by the bookmaker system. Featured products such as basketball, football, volleyball and chess.

Online casino is also one of the outstanding products of the house system. Card games such as Tai Chi, Dragon Tiger, Baccarat …

Shooting fish to change rewards: The house system provides products that shoot fish to change rewards for users to choose from. Fish shooting products with extremely beautiful and vivid 3D interface design.

Lottery betting: Lottery betting is also one of the outstanding products with high competition. Outstanding interface with many different forms of participation in the lottery for users to choose from.

Good security

8Xbet is extremely secure to ensure the safety of users’ information. Users when participating in betting on the house’s system do not need to worry about the problem of revealing information to the outside. The bookie system applies SSL standards to secure information in encrypted form. You visit the website to ensure peace of mind when participating in betting.

Application Support

The bookie system develops mobile applications for Android and iOS operating systems. Users can easily participate in betting on the phone system without spending much time and effort. In addition, the house system also supports giving players 100k when downloading the application on smartphones.


8Xbet deserves to become one of the extremely reputable and professional bookmakers in the Vietnamese market for users to choose to participate. The aspects that the house shows are extremely quality worthy of the player’s trust.

With the information shared about the house system 8Xbet wishes to bring you a lot of useful information. If there is a need to choose a reputable bookmaker to bet on, do not ignore this brand to ensure your own safety. Visit the website 8Xbetonline.com to update more betting information quickly.

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