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Score bet is the odds expressed by the numbers on the betting odds table given by soccer bookmakers. If the player wants to bet score bet assessment will need to be made score bet match between two teams during the playing time of both teams. To better understand this type of bet, please refer to it score bet What is the same Bookmaker New889 blue, very concise and clear.

Types of score bets in soccer betting

There will be 3 basic types of odds for you to choose from: Asian odds, European odds and Over/Under odds. Each type of bet possesses the following characteristics:

  • Asian Handicap (Handicap): the bet chosen by many Asians, the reason is that there are many handicap odds and the winning bet can be easily identified.
  • European odds (1×2 odds): This bet is only based on the final result: Win – Draw – Loss to determine whether the bet wins or loses.
  • Over/Under: This bet only needs to predict the total number of goals scored by both teams, without caring about which side wins or loses.

Rules for betting on bookmaker websites

Whole match – score

  • In a designated match, predict the final result of the official match
  • All single match score bets will be based on the results of the match conducted at the specified time.
  • If the entire match time of youth tournaments is only 60-80 minutes… (including overtime), then all bets will be considered “Valid bets”.
  • If a match is suspended/cancelled/interrupted then all bets will be void. Except before the match is canceled or interrupted with a result, it will be the “Other” betting category.
  • Definition of “Other/Other” of the whole match: any 2 teams will score 5 points or more (including 5 points).

1st half – score

  • In a designated match, predict the exact result of the entire first half.
  • All results of first half score bets must be based on the results of the entire match that was conducted according to the bookmaker’s “specified time” (first half lasted 45 minutes, including overtime). standard.
  • If the first half of a youth tournament is only played for about 30-40 minutes… (including overtime), all bets will be considered “Valid bets”.
  • If the match ends before the first half ends, all bets placed on the first half will be void. Except before the match has been canceled or interrupted, it will be the “Other” betting category.
  • If a match ends before the end of the 2nd half, all 1st half score bets will be considered “Valid Bets”.
  • Definition of “Other/Other” first half: any 2 teams score 4 points or more (including 4 points).

Extra time – score

The result is calculated as the extra time score is based on the full-time result of that extra time (excluding the official playing time of 90 minutes) as a benchmark.

Should you bet on the score for a soccer match?

Why do so many people choose to bet on scores and should you follow them? Before answering that question, you should learn more about this type of soccer betting, and the advantages/disadvantages.
See : Tỷ lệ cá cược


Playing odds to predict the score has many “cool” points that we can easily see such as:

  • You can place many different bets at the same time if you want.
  • Selecting multiple scores at the same time can be accepted by the house.
  • High winnings (higher than handicaps).
  • The way to bet is quite easy to understand and simple.


Although the winnings are quite high, this bet also has certain limitations that you should understand to consider whether to participate or not:

  • The probability of winning is quite low because football has many surprises that no one can predict.
  • There is no tie for you to choose from.
  • It takes a lot of time to research and calculate bets.

Weigh and properly measure the pros and cons as well as your own abilities to make the best choices.


With formscore bet It will be very difficult for you to predict the most accurate result, but if you can calculate the probability of winning each match based on the available odds, predicting this bet will be simple. more. With the above informationNew88 sportshas given you more information about the type score bet as well as the advantages/disadvantages of being able to play this type of football bet well. Wishing you success and good luck!

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