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Southern lottery is gradually developing and becoming more and more popular. In the following article New88 will update and learn about this type of lottery and effective betting skills.

A few things to learn about XSMN

It can be said that this type of dialing is still sought after by players on today’s systems. Corresponds to the name Southern lottery, prize draws will be conducted at stations in the Southern region.
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Officially appearing in 1962, however, the Southern region lottery still retains its interesting characteristics. The highlight is that business profits from XSMN will be contributed to the state fund.

The prize drawing opening schedule of the Southern provinces has been specifically divided according to the weekly plan. Accordingly, at 4:15 p.m. every day, the prescribed stations will conduct dialing according to schedule. Therefore, there are currently 21 provinces and cities holding prize draws every day.

The value of Southern lottery bonuses is extremely attractive

Currently, many people participate in the lottery in the Southern region with prize money of up to 2 billion VND. Not only the jackpot, but other prizes are also very high.

Players only need to keep the winning ticket carefully without tearing or losing letters to be able to redeem the prize. You only need to pay 10% income tax according to state regulations to complete receiving the prize.

Summary of basic ways to play Southern lottery for newbies

In fact, the gameplay in XSMN is relatively flexible, so players will not feel too bored when starting to bet. Below is a summary of some basic ways to play that you can refer to:


How to play lotteries is not too complicated, players will be given the choice to play the last 2 digits in a series of 18 lottery prizes. As long as you choose the winning number, the value of the interest received will be 81 times the initial bet amount.

In case you win a pair of numbers multiple times, the value of the Southern Lottery bonus you receive will be equal to the total prize multiplied by the number of times the lottery number appears. This is considered one of the rewards that cannot be missed.


Playing under is also one of the forms of playing XSMN that is extremely attractive to online players. In particular, the payout rate of this method is also relatively high.

The main under rule in the Southern lottery means that the player will bet on the last 3 digits of prize 7. If they win, the money received will be up to 700 times higher than the original bet.

However, to be able to choose the correct pair of lots, you must have extremely careful calculations. Therefore, players need to learn more about skills from experts before placing bets.


In Southern lotteryDefinitely can’t ignore the lottery. In which you will make predictions on the last 2 numbers in the special prize. Thereby, just winning the prize will immediately grasp the opportunity to change your life.
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Top 3+ unbeaten XSMN prize hunting experience

Lottery is always considered one of the categories with quite high risk. However, if you know how to apply the following experiences to the number-fixing process, you can definitely increase your chances of winning. Specifically:

Consider choosing the right way to play

As updated above, current online Southern lottery platforms often offer many different forms. Therefore, players can refer to and freely choose the appropriate way to play.

Before betting, you should follow and learn about the rules of each different type of game. Thereby, based on your preferences and personal capital, decide how to play accordingly.

Make sure players can firmly grasp the percentage of winning. At the same time, learning about different types will help you determine a reasonable betting plan.

Flexibly combine scanning methods

Southern lottery prediction is definitely an indispensable method to increase the possibility of winning. You can participate in the player forums on the systems to learn more about prediction tips.

From there, build for yourself a separate system of prediction techniques to apply in the process of finalizing numbers. During the screening process, you should consider some of the following:

  • First, after determining the appropriate method, the player must carefully monitor the results summary table. Through this, you can accurately apply these skills into practice.
  • Normally, to increase the value of Southern lottery prize money, you should consider raising lots for 5-6 days. However, this technique requires a large amount of capital.
  • During that process, you should pay attention to the appropriate batch incubation period. If the above numbers do not win the prize, you should consider choosing other pairs.

Apply folk formula

In fact, traditional number closing techniques also bring the desired effect. Now you just need to choose two lucky numbers from the previous week’s Southern lottery results. Pairing these two sequences together will create a pretty nice number bridge.

Proceed to raise the found range for 5 days to increase your chances of winning. Experts say that choosing pairs of numbers from the 7th prize will have relatively high accuracy.

Determine XSMN betting limits

Besides learning and strictly following the rules of the game prescribed in the Southern lottery, you should build a detailed betting plan. Through that, determine the appropriate money limit.

Note that players must strictly comply with the set limits. Only then can capital be preserved during the entertainment process. This method ensures players optimize their capital while participating in XSMN betting.


The content compiled in the article introduces players in detail to the Southern lottery. Hopefully, through the shared experience, you can apply it and seize the opportunity to win big.

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