Preparing to Sell your Baseball Card Collection




If you are looking to sell baseball cards ny on a good price, there are few things you should do before actually selling them. As a first step, you should identify the exact sports cards that you have in your collection. You should look for stats, copyright dates, the manufacturer of the cards and other such details. If your card features statistics at the back, you should look for the last year that is mentioned on the player’s stats. Your card is actually from the following year, so this is how you can easily tell what year your card is from. For example, if you can see that the stats on the back of your card go up to the year 1956, then your card is actually from 1957.

If you want to sell baseball cards ny, but you would rather have a professional appraisal, you should contact American Legends . The expert dealers here will offer you an appraisal and also a fair offer for your collection. This way, you do not have to go through the tedious work of using online sources to figure out the year of the card, the manufacturer and other such details (especially if these are not enlisted on the card).

You should also determine the era your cards are from. Do you have a set of vintage cards? Or do you have a set of modern cards? In case your set is pre 1980 but post World War II (after 1945), then you have a vintage set of cards. In case your cards are from before 1945, then you have a pre-war set of cards. Also, if your cards are post 1980, you have a set of modern sports cards. The vintage and pre-war cards are the most valuable, while the modern ones carry a lower value.

An important part of the preparation phase of selling your cards is to identify the condition of your cards. Cards with different flaws will always be cheaper, while cards in mint condition will sell for a very good value toonily.

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